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Creating PostScript files from C/C++

The PLOT PS/XPS project

PLOT PS/XPS is a package providing two libraries of graphic functions that allow the generation of PostScript files (and runtime viewing with X) from C/C++ programs. A page can contain points, lines, arcs, ellipses, circles, boxes, text, included EPS files and a lot more. Elements can be outlined, filled or in color.
  Full C source code and documentation in LaTeX and PostScript format is provided. PLOT PS/XPS V6 can be directly built and run under Unix (including Linux and OSF). Rudimentary makefiles for MSDOS (or Windows) are provided (using MSC or Turbo C). The code is also known to compile under VMS.


Getting the actual release

Click here to get to the project page on SourceForge where you'll find download possibilities, mailing list and much more.

Have a look at some examples that are available online as png-screenshot and ps:
The following documents that deal with plot ps/xps are available online:

Dr. J-F Vibert and Bastien Chevreux